What does Moldovan who lives in the USA say about new voting system

Any person who want to run in a certain constituency both in the country or abroad should be a part of the community where he runs.

This opinion belongs to Oleg Banzar who intends to run for the No.51 constituency (Canada and the USA).

"This election system is similar as in the USA. The persons who run in a certain constituency should live in this region or to have the residency there", said Oleg Banzar, Moldovan who lives in the USA.

Oleg Binzar also declared that the deputies should not only participate at the sessions of the Parliament, but also to be more active in solving people's problems.

14 persons will run in No.51 constituency.
The elections will take place on February 24. According to the new voting system, 50 of the deputies will be elected on party list and 51 on constituencies.


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