What Balti citizens expect for future Mayor

Balti citizens are electing their mayor. Until 11:00, more than 9,000 citizens attended the polls. The vote proceeds without breaches. People expect the situation in the city to change for the better and hopes for a better future.

"We did not report any violation until this hour. We started working at 07:00, the first voter came at around 07:01," mentioned Nelea Pleşcu, deputy chair of the polling station no. 6, Balti.

People who have already voted say they have more expectations from the future mayor:

"I voted for a good mayor, because I am a citizen and I want our city to thrive, with all the best for our people. Everything is best for young people, because now the young generation suffers poverty, has no future. If we have a good mayor, everything will be good for us. "

"We have voted for a prosperous future for our city, for a good man, a good ruler who will be a respected person in the city, will be an authoritative person who will make our city thrive."

The voting sections will close at 21:00. There are over 100 thousand voters are expected to vote in 58 polling stations in Balti municipality.

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