Western border crossing point opens edge-cutting vet lab

A new lab for veterinary and phytosanitary checking has opened at the Leuseni western border-crossing point.

It’s the largest in the country and the only where live animals and birds can be verified.

The World Bank offered almost 30 million lei for the project, the inauguration of which has been attended by Prime Minister Pavel Filip. 

"We’ve coped with a big problem: the produce could be returned from Moldova, even though they may have been infected. Now we can, we have all the laboratories in place, checking is done right at the border," he stated.

According to the authorities, opening the phytosanitary lab provides better work conditions to the employees of the Food Safety National Agency (ANSA.)

Also the importers will save time and money because they will not have to go to Chisinau to have their lab tests.

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