Wedding in Grătieşti turned into hospital trip

46 guests from a wedding in Grătieşti ended up hospitalized with salmonella poisoning. 
The statement was given today by the Chief of Medicine, Luminița Suveică from the Public Health Center, during the City Hall's meeting. Still specialists have to continue the investigation, as the bacteria was not found in any of the food server at the restaurant

Physicians don't exclude the possibility that the guests caught the illness by consuming food outside the restaurant.

"We have yet to find the singe items which caused the poisoning. The food provided as evidence has no trace of the salmonella, but the patients do" Chief of Medicine, Luminița Suveică from the Public Health Center claims.

The restaurant has reopened its doors for guests once again, after the inspection had found no grave violation. The administration doesn't take any responsibility for the incident.

"The source of the poisoning came from outside our restaurant. They must have eaten somewhere else, as we can assure you that the poisoning didn't come from our restaurant, from our kitchens" the restaurants lawyer, Tudor Proca, said.

"We don't know how it happened, as all the produce is checked, cooked and sterilized here" a chef mentioned.

The incident took place 3 weeks ago. 43 guests, along with the bride and 9 children were hospitalized after the celebration.


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