Weather forecast for November 4, 2017

The north will experience between +9 to +12 degrees Celsius. While in Balti and Orhei  is forecast +10 to +13 degrees Celsius. The thermometers in south will indicate around +12 degrees Celsius for Tiraspol and +14 degrees Celsius for Comrat and Cahul.

In Chisinau there will be +12 degrees Celsius.

During the day, the termometers will indicate +12 degrees Celsius, while in the night time +5 degrees Celsius.

In Madrid, the termometers will indicate +17 degrees Celsius,  13 degrees for London ,12 for Berlin 12 , 20 for Rome and 13 degrees Celsius for Vienna.

In Bucharest, the termometers will indicate +14 degrees celsius, 10 degrees for Kiev and one degree for Moscow.

In the North of Europe, the temperature will vary between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius. In Prague there will be 10 degrees, 11 for Varsovia and 13 for Budapest. In Belgrade there will be 14 degrees.

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