WEATHER FORECAST FOR JUNE 2nd, 2016: Thunderstoms and hail

The weather today will be determined by an air zone with normal atmospheric pressure. The weather will be fluctuant, in some areas will fall short-term rains with thunderstorms and hail.

The wind will be from the east, weak to moderate.

In Briceni and Soroca will be registered 18 degrees Celsius, and in Balti and Orhei will reach 19 degrees.

In Chisinau thermometers will show 20 degrees Celsius, while in Tiraspol temperature will reach 21 degrees.

In Leova and Comrat the maximum temperature will reach 22 degrees Celsius, and in Cahul will get up to 23 degrees.

In the following days, in some areas will fall short-term rains with thunderstorms, and the weather will be warm. In the country, the maximum temperature will reach 27 degrees Celsius. In the nighttime temperature will drop to 11 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, in Chisinau, thermometers will show 22 degrees Celsius, and on Saturday the temperature will increase up to 24 degrees. During the nighttime temperature will be up to 16 degrees Celsius.

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