Waze app will appear in Moldova. Drivers will receive live updates about traffic congestion

Drivers will now be able to gain information about traffic congestion faster. Patrol inspectors will start notifying drivers of latest development on the streets of their cities, or the ones they are visiting, through Waze app. The information will be offered by Info Trafic service and updated live.

Using Waze app, drivers will receive information of traffic congestion, streets that are being repaired, car accidents and even places where radar guns are located.

"We have a map with all regions from Republic of Moldova and with all the streets" coordinator of Waze app from Moldova, Liviu Lupaşcu said.

Using this application, drivers will be able to establish the best route and the fastest way to reach their destination. Details about traffic jams are added the moment when at least one driver stuck in traffic congestion is opening the app. Following the speed the car drives at, the program is automatically updated. 

"It is interesting, this is truly a useful application for drivers, as they know what streets to avoid" a driver said.

"Of course this is a good idea, I would rather go around a bit than be stuck in a traffic jam" another driver said.

"It will be great to know what streets to use" a driver said.

Information about the traffic can also be added manually. This option is available for both drivers and inspectors.

"We will be able to post information about traffic congestion, car accident, malfunctioning traffic lights etc. We will even be able to provide information of events that suspended all movement on certain streets" patrol inspector, Pavel Apostol explained.

Waze is a free app that can be downloaded through the internet on smart phones, that have GPS navigation. The system was created in 2006 by an IT specialist from Israel and is used in most crowded cities from the world.

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