Water supply network from Gangura village, Ialoveni district was repaired

The residents of Gagura village from Ialoveni district will benefit of tap water. One thousand families have been connected to the aqueduct after a water tower was installed in the locality. The cost of the project reached over one million lei. Half of the sum was invested by the City hall, while the other half by Ialoveni District Council.

The authorities decided to inaugurate the water tower on the village's day. 

Until the last month, Gangura village had two water tanks. Due to the thing that these were placed in the south part of the village, 350 households didn't have access to water. Thus, the inhabitants say that previously, the water was a luxury thing for them.

"It was very hard without water. We were paying 150 lei for the tractor and 27 lei for three tones. We were bringing three tanks a day", said Maria Nicorean, resident of Gagura village.

The residents of the village say that they are enjoying all the necessary commodities. 

"It is much better now. We have connected our washing machines. Now, everything is great:, said Lidia Ignat, resident of Gangura village.

The water has been tested by the National Agency for Food Safety before people were connected to it.

"The water was not of a high quality, because the aqueduct was old. Now, it is good", said Ion Sula, ANSA director.

The authorities say that the aqueduct will be given into operation by the end of this year.

"We need to build 1,5 kilometers of aqueduct more. We need one million lei more. Gangura village City Hall planned half million lei from the local budget and 500 thousand lei from the district council", said Marcel Bobeica, the mayor of Gangura village.

The families who want to benefit of the aqueduct have to pay 2.800 lei and the one who were benefiting of it before only have to pay 800 lei. 

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