Waste crisis in Balti. Municipal enterprise is illegally offering waste disposal services

Municipal enterprise of Department of Road Repairs and Construction from Balti is illegally offering waste disposal services. The department's deputy director confessed that they offer the service despite the lack of authorization from the Ministry of Environment and ecologists. According to TVN, the subject was discussed at the municipal committee meeting that takes case of the waste crisis from Bălţi.

The local Environment Agency has not offered authorization due to the fact that the enterprise lacks the means to offer this service, including dumpsters to collect the waste.

"Environment Agency, to offer authorization questions: How many do you need? 1 000? How many do you have? 100?" deputy chief of Department of Road Repairs and Construction, Ciprina Ţurcanu mentioned.

Still, the department owns 200 dumpsters that are not used. Workers cannot use them, because the City Hall has not handed them over.

Those from Bălți Environment Agency claims that for illegally offering waste disposal services, the enterprise will be forced to pay fines of hundreds of thousands of lei.

"Their authorization expired on March 2, 2018. At the moment they are working illegally. For the whole period of time that they were offering those services illegally, they will have to pay 50 times the price of pollution charge" chief of Bălți Environment Agency, Ghenadie Ciumaş declared.

Municipal enterprise of Department of Road Repairs and Construction took over the waste disposal service at the end of last year, when Bălți City Hall annulled the contract with the economic agent that offered the service. Afterward the city was filled with waste and required the intervention of the Government.

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