Warning: Icicles are about to fall from many buildings of Capital

The Yellow Snow Warning disappeared, but another problem appeared. Due to the temperature oscillations, icicles appeared on the eaves of many buildings. The economic agents and the state institutions are obliged to get rid of them.

A kindergarten from the Capital has two meters long icicles. Some parents are scandalized that the administration has not removed the danger. In front of the camera, the director of the institution refused to give any comments on this subject, but on the phone he assured us that by the evening of the fry will be taken down by a team of workers.

In order to avoid tragedies, the Housing and Commune Directorate sent more workers to break ice from buildings in crowded areas.

"In fact, yesterday he intervened on most of the addresses on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, that is, at the dwelling blocks, and today we will also intervene at 10-15 blocks in the Centru sector and in the Telecentru sector", said the head of the Department of Arrangement and Environment, Vasile Efros.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has also asked all ministries, central and local authorities to clean the oysters on the buildings they manage. This will also be monitored by the Commission for Emergency Situations.

"This refers in particular to kindergartens, schools, medical institutions and old people's homes, as well as informing local public authorities, heads of public institutions, economic agents and citizens about the need for such measures",  said Deputy Chief IGSU, Alexandru Oprea.

The economic agents who do not remove the oysters from the buildings on which they administer risk up to 9,000 lei. In case of individuals, the penalty starts from 2 thousand lei.

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