Warning for Drivers! There may be traffic problems due snowfall

Christmas brings snow all over the country, in this context INP informs that the state of road traffic on the roads in the country can be made difficult due to snowfall. At the moment, the transport runs normally without difficulty.

Thus, we recommend that all drivers take into account the following recommendations when traveling on the road:

- to exercise maximum caution in traffic and to comply with traffic rules;

- adopt a prudent driving pattern and constantly adapt road speed to traffic conditions;

- if the carriageway is wet or snow-covered, you must travel at a safe turn-off speed, as the braking distance under such conditions is much higher;

- do not perform risky maneuvers;

- use daytime running lights as well;

- the vehicle must be equipped with anti-skid chains, shovel, scraper and sandbag;

At the moment, Patrolling crews are on routes all over the country and are actively working for the safety of citizens.

If you are in a hurry and you need help, do not hesitate to ask the most appropriate patrol crew to call 112.

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