Warm weather favors thousands people enjoying Christmas Fair in city center

Warm weather is good chance to enjoy Christmas atmosphere in the city center. Thousands people are leaving their houses, visiting the Christmas Fair as well as the Santa Claus. 

"We want to have unusual experience in this winter. I decided to take the bus and went to Chisinau to visit the Santa Claus". 

"I sent my wish to Santa Claus that I would like a doll. I also wished for my parents, too."

The celebration atmosphere was also preserved by the presidential orchestra of the Ministry of Defense.

"Tango, Waltz, we appreciate everything so much. It's really nice."

"It is very beautiful, we enjoyed playing together and worked hard. The orchestra always brings joy to the people and we strive to do that," said the head of the Presidential Orchestra, Leonid Vozniuc.

The foreign tourists are also impressed by the Moldovan cultures. 

"I was planning to stay in Moldova only a few days, but after I came and I saw what was going on here, I think I'll stay more, enjoy the moment. It's very beautiful culture, people are really friendly and cute . "

The Christmas Fair was inaugurated on December 15 by the Government and will be open until January 14th.

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