Voronin will sue Dorin Chirtoaca for calumny

Vladimir Voronic will sue Dorin Chirtoaca, the former mayor of the Capital for defamation. The reason is that the liberal deputy accused Voronin for privatizing the Gaudeamus cinema building when he was the president of the country. Not even this time, Voronin didn't hesitate and blamed the actual mayor of the Capital, Andrei Nastase.

Voronin says he has the necessary documents to prove he has nothing to do with this building.

"He should stand by his words. The Court can only release him if he brings a document to prove he is ill. Why did he say that I have something to do with this cinema?", said Vladimir Voronin, PCRM president.

According to Voronin, the cinema was privatized in 2004, while in 2010 the land that belongs to it was approved to be demolished. Dorin Chirtoaca, the former mayor of the Capital didn't comment on Vladimir Voronin's accusations yet.

Also, Vladimir Voronin, the former President of the Country considers that Dorin Chirtoaca is guilty of the condition of Gaudeamus cinema and the whole Capital. At the same time, Voronin thinks that Andrei Nastase won't be able to solve all these problems. 

"I didn't notice any management capacities to this person. This is a City Hall, a million people. This is a lot and you are responsible of all of them", said Vladimir Voronin, the PCRM president.

As a reply, the mayor urged Vladimir Voronin to help him.

"Instead of commenting, it would be better to ask the other CMC councils to help or to give advice", said Andrei Nastase, the new mayor of the Capital.

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