Voronin and Usatîi wish referendum to return previous electoral system

Communists will join the initiative of a civil society regarding organizing a national referendum against uninominal voting.

PCRM leader, Vladimir Voronin has announced today that he sides with the reversal to the old electoral system. Earlier, fugitive Renato Usatîi announced from Moscow of also supporting the idea.

"Today, or tomorrow, we will take a political decision on this topic. But let me tell you, we will support this referendum together. We will collect the required amount of signatures to make it. We will also support it and create political disturbance, supporting the reversal to the previous electoral system. What we wish to do is create chaos. They saw that the whole Moldova cannot be bought, not they try to buy mandates by territory" Vladimir Voronin declared.

On Tuesday, a group representing a civil society, with political affinity, have announced that they wish for a referendum regarding reversal to the previous electoral system.

The Parliamentary elections from 2018 will be performed using the new, uninominal voting system, where 51 deputies will be chosen by parties, while 50 from uninominal circumscriptions. 

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