VOLUNTEER GALA 2018: The most active young people from our country were awarded

They have shown that they want to change the world, and for that they do not expect to be rewarded. We are talking about volunteer coordinators, who have managed to involve in this sector about 60 thousand people who have changed the well-being of over 270 thousand people from all over Moldova. For this activity, they were rewarded with diplomas and awards, at the Gala "Hat off in front to volunteers!". 

One of the awards is Andrei Bizgan, a baker from Rezina district, who for one year offered to several elders a bread every day. 

"I was a young boy who wanted to bring, to create as many beautiful things as possible. We have the possibility", said Rezina, volunteer Andrei Bizgan. 

Volunteers say that diplomas motivate them even more to contribute to changing society. 

"It is important not to put our hands down and engage in these activities as actively as possible because what we are currently doing as an organization we offer support in hiring people with disabilities", said Victoria Botan, volunteer from Chisinau.

"The elders were helped, kindergartens were helped, beautiful and important places were assisted", said Viorica Harea, volunteer from Falesti.

The awards were handed by the Prime Minister and Minister of Education. 

"Volunteering is for strong people and I want to thank you because you are strong and what do we give to us some of your power. Hats off to volunteer", said Pavel Filip, Prime Minister. 

"Perhaps one of the things most lacking in the Moldovan society is solidarity. I praise you for those who contribute to this goal or the beginning of the goal to be filled", said Monica Babuc, Minister of Education, Culture and Research. 

"So many things have changed during this time and so many things related to mentality have changed due to volunteers", said Antonita Fonari, director of the Active Citizenship Platform.

The Gala was held on the occasion of the International Day of Human Solidarity, which is celebrated today all over the world.

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