Vocational school in Capital to receive advanced equipment

A locksmith laboratory renovated and equipped with modern equipment was inaugurated on October 7th at the Vocational School no. 9 in Chisinau.

This was possible thanks Consept project of Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED) in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Moldova.

Students will be trained in trades like fitter, electrician and mechanic in the workshop.

661 students are enrolled at 7 trades at the Vocational School no. 9 of Chisinau.

Recently the institution has received modern equipment as part of a grant from the Government of Japan. Locksmith tables, lathes, devices for electric current and voltage and others were donated.

20 vocational schools and two Centres of Excellence participate in the Consept project.

Besides renovating and equipping the workshops with modern equipment, institutions supported the teacher training, evaluation, content updating and teaching materials, as well as strategic development plans.

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