Vladimir Voronin won't be a candidate at parliamentary elections, but he would like to compete with Pavel Filip

PCRM president, Vladimir Voronin announced that he won't be a candidate on constituency. Anyway, if he decides to do it, he will compete with Pavel Filip on the constituency where he will be a candidate. The declarations have been made within a tv show for adevarul.ro.

"It would be interesting if I was a candidate in Straseni.
-Ok, Pavel Filip can be a candidate on this constituency", declared Voronin.

At the same time, the PCRM leader says that his party colleagues will be candidates on constituencies.

They are doing it for not allowing the socialists to gain more votes.

On February 24, the elections will take place on a mixed voting system.

50 deputies will be elected on party list and 51 on constituencies.

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