Vladimir Voronin on CEC and interim prosecutor appointment: Government invents nonexistent law

Actual governance invents nonexistent procedure to appoint interim general prosecutor, according to Communist leader Vladimir Voronin. Moreover, the decision of ACUM-PSRM alliance to let Parliament appoint interim general prosecutor contradicts Constitution. 

"I have not heard such procedure that Parliament appoints interim prosecutor, this contradicts with Constitution law", said Vladimir Voronin.

Earlier, the way the competition for the position of interim prosecutor general was organized was criticized by several experts and politicians. This is because the announcement was placed on Parliament's website on Saturday morning, and those interested had only three days (Saturday - Monday) to submit the file to the Legislative Committee, appointments and immunities of the Legislature.

Vladimir Voronin criticized many Central Electoral Commission members were appointed similarly. 

Doctor in law Dorin Cimil became new Central Electoral Commission President. This candidacy was proposed by party of PM Sandu. 

Former counselor of Igor Dodon, Maxim Lebedinschi was named as CEC secretary. The lawyer of Andrei Nastase, Dumitru Pavel, also became new CEC member. 

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