Vladimir Voronin: Igor Dodon will always betray everybody

Igor Dodon is a traitor, for his own interest, he will trample the country and the oath deposited before the citizens. The declaration belongs to former President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin at the talk show Moldova în Direct on the national TV channel. 

The Communist leader believes that the videos which demonstrated the treason of Dodon are real. 

"Knowing him personally, Dodon, I'm assured that this is the truth. Dodon betrayed us and voted for Timofti as president. He, by treason actually, is heading. Only for his interest. He will betray everybody, always", said Vladimir Voronin.

He also said that Kozak alliance ACUM - PSRM could be considered legitimate. Constitution is the supreme law. According to the politician, all development has been revenge, a will to force Democrats gone. 


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