Vladimir Voronin: I will support none in presidential runoff

Communists criticize the two remaining candidates in the presidential runoff.  

PCRM party members, headed by Vladimir Voronin, told a press conference that Maia Sandu is not politically independent, and asked Igor Dodon to parliamentary elections.

"Who is she? What did Maia Sandu do? What capacities does she has, what does she knows? There is great responsibility. That's an enormous weight. How did she became Minister of Education? What were her accomplishments as Minister of Education?" , said Vladimir Voronin.

"Maia Sandu is not independent. She is stubborn, that's true, but she is not independent in politics. Maia Sandu is an economist, but she does not understand that scholar funding per student is incorrect. She is driven by external forces, which is unacceptable for Moldova" , said Communist MP Oleg Reidman.

PCRM representatives said they don't support Igor Dodon either.

"We do not have any reason, any argument to support Dodon. Moreover, he made various statements, including about the fight for early elections" , said Vladimir Voronin.

PCRM has urged supporters to boycott the presidential elections.

On monday, October 31st, Igor Dodon urged the PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin, and "Our Party" supporters, Renato Usatii to support him in the runoff.

Last week, a group of communists urged voters to stand by Igor Dodon in the first round of presidential elections.

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