Vladimir Voronin about the right wing parties: They are all different, they won't be able to negotiate

Vladimir Voronin, the PCRM President doesn't believe that PLDM, PL, PAS and PPDA will unite forces to propose just one candidate in the 51 uninominal constituencies from the country at the next Parliamentary elections.

PCRM leader thinks that the four parties are not a political fore and they will cooperate only if the foreign forces will make pressure on them.


"These party won't achieve anything is they will be separate. All of them are different", said Vladimir Voronin, PCRM President.

The leaders of PL, PLDM, PAS and PPDA started to discuss about the election campaign for the election on February 24.

The discussions between the leaders of the opposition are tense. Andrei Nastase accuses Mihai Ghimpu of betrayal, while Maia Sandu insists on the PL members to pass through the integrity filter. This idea was rejected by liberals.


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