Vladimir Cebotari's first reaction after Prosecutor General Dumitru Robu requested for his immunity to be lifted

Vladimir Cebotari says he knew the day and time when Prosecutor Robu would ask for his immunity to be lifted to investigate him criminally. The Democratic deputy claims that he is unjustified accused of certain violations related to the concession of Chisinau Airport.

According to Cebotari, at that time he was part of the Legal Commission, which voted a decision taken by the Government, which also included the current Prime Minister Maia Sandu.

'The Commission had only the technical obligation to evaluate certain criteria, which had to be met by the bidders. The Commission had to execute several Government Decisions. The decision to grant the Airport, the conditions, the 49-year term, the keeping of taxes, including the modernization ones were approved by the Government until the commencement of the work in the Commission, including with the hand of Mrs. Maia Sandu. My question will be: If I am guilty, what is Maia Sandu?', Cebotari said.

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PUBLIKA.MD reminds that today, in the Parliament sitting, Zinaida Greceanii announced that Prosecutor Robu is calling for the immunity of two deputies to be lifted: Vladimir Cebotari (PDM) and Petru Jardan ('SOR' Party).

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