Vladimir Cebotari on scenarios if PDM unelected to remain power in government

If PDM fails to remain at power, many projects implemented by the party will possibly be suspended by the opposition. The statement was made by the PDM deputy, Vladimir Cebotari, in a press briefing.

"All parties said they were unclear how to seek solutions to raise salaries. Moreover, they didn't believe to find money to pay high salaries which are already raised by PDM. Opposition parties are incapable of carrying on projects such as good roads, good water as well as other projects which PDM cover finance and know how to implement it until the end. 

Every other decisions are made by PDM in the government. If the opposition comes to power, we will head back to the point we started, during the chaos, during the instability, when the foreign and local investors flee the country", said PDM vice-president.

Furthermore, Vladimir Cebotari said that PDM wants to offer citizens good lives in Moldova. 

"We want to encourage them to remain home by offering them better conditions and persisting other projects which we already set off". 

Vladimir Cebotari reiterated that PDM will continue a clean campaign without attacks, unlike other political opponents. 

"Although it's an election campaign and we're allowed to carry out attacks, it concerns us that these attacks are meant to improve projects for people. Several opponents launch attacks on people who do not face politicians. We don't respond on these attacks. It's not time for us to enter in debates with politician colleagues on these subjects. It's time to launch campaigns on projects to develop our country. We choose our country, we choose to seek solutions to tackle people' problems", concludes PDM vice-president .

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