Vladimir Cebotari about the program 'Good Roads': The Dodon-Sandu-Năstase Governance is destroying the country

'The Dodon-Sandu-Năstase Governance is destroying the country', wrote on his Facebook page the Deputy president of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Cebotari. 

'Sadly!The Dodon-Sandu-Năstase Governance is destroying the country and doesn't care about people!

Yesterday we have been informed that the program 'Good Roads' has been stopped.

I don't have enough words to comment', wrote on his Facebook page the Democrat Vladimir Cebotari.

We remind that the program 'Good Roads 2' was stopped in all the country's localities. According to the State Administrative Chief of the Roads, Gheorghe Curmei, the roads have not been rehabilitated since then.

Last year, within the program 'Good Roads 1' from Zberoaia, Nisporeni were asphalted more parts of the road which led to the church and to the Family Doctors Center. This year, the administration had planned to rehabilitate the road to school, with a length over 1,6 km.
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