Vlad Plahotniuc's opinion about fight against corruption

Moldova requires a shock therapy. This therapy is welcomed in the corruption sphere and the responsible institutions should start to react on this subject. The opinion belongs to Vlad Plahotniuc, the President of PDM.

In an exclusive interview offered for Deschide.md, Vlad Plahotniuc commented on the situation of corruption from Moldova.

"I would explain this phenomenon as an activity of a certain institutions that are in a transition process. I think that we require more incision, especially in the criminal groups sphere, that are the basis of the most corrupted spheres.

It is not enough to address to the chief of a certain institution that registers corruption cases, because the criminal group can recover its activity. We should get rid of the whole scheme. People want to get rid of the institutions where corruption takes place on a high level. It targets the institutions where people get money from their pockets every day for services that should be provided free.

Once, I was talking about a shock therapy. The corruption sphere is in desperately need of this. We all know the previous situation of Moldova. Nobody dared to blame the politicians in corruption. Now, he have dozens of such cases. Thus, we can change it, but we should be more confident and fast.

PDM will make the necessary political steps to fight against corruption and make citizens feel this directly by eliminating the abuses that some officials have on them. We as a party and our representatives from the institutions have sent several complaints to anti-corruption institutions, with facts reported by citizens or discovered by us. We will watch how they are solved, "said Vlad Plahotniuc.


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