Vlad Plahotniuc's message to those who criticize the implementation of uninominal voting system

The electoral system in the country could be changed. Democratic Party of Moldova initiated the transition to the single vote system for parliamentary elections. The Democratic Party of Moldova wants citizens to be able to withdraw the mandate of a deputy if he does not keeps his promises.

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Moreover, Democrats have proposed for diaspora to have their own members in Parliament.

The initiative of implementing the uninominal voting system will arouse much criticism among deputies just because is has been "proposed by Plahotniuc". This is the opinion of PDM president, Vlad Plahotniuc.

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In this regard, Plahotniuc has sent a message to these parliamentarians:

"Yes, gentlemen politicians, Plahotniuc wants for citizens to directly elect the deputies through the uninominal vote. Not for them to vote for party lists with unknown people. Yes, gentlemen politicians, Plahotniuc wants the uninominal vote, wants to enable citizens to dismiss the parliament if you instead of going among the people and solving their problems, you do politics only through populist posts on Facebook or through shows in television studios. Yes gentlemen, Plahotniuc wants the uninominal vote, citizens in the diaspora to elect their own MPs, to be heard and solve their problems. That means real control of the political class, that why we propose by uninominal voting system " , said Vlad Plahotniuc.

The uninominal voting system requires a constituency that elects one deputy only. Voters will not vote for a list proposed by the parties, but a specific candidate.

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Currently, the uninominal voting system is implemented in the United States, Britain and France.

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