Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation Edelweiss furthers support new mothers: Over 100 women in Floreşti district receive gift boxes

Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation Edelweiss continues supporting the new mothers and surprise them. 

More than 100 women in Floreşti district benefited from baby gifts in the campaign A New Life.

The gift boxes contain all necessary things for babies from their first days. 

"We come to welcome babies in their new world. We would like to congratulate you with this beautiful moment," said Edelweiss Foundation Executive Director Lidia Cucoş.

Anastasia Efodi says the gifts they receive will help them a lot. 

"We really appreciate these gifts. It's the beginning for the newborns", said Anastasia Efodi.

Other women who gave birth in Floreşti district Hospital also received the gift box.

"Since March we have presented here and handed 100 gift boxes till this day. Today I have met wonderful people, happy moms, cute babies,"said Edelweiss Foundation Executive Director Lidia Cucoş.

"At this difficult time, every young family needs supports and helps. This work is beautiful and necessary for our patients", said Director of Floreşti District Hospital, Valeriu Nichiforncuc.

Since March, the campaign A New Life of Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation Edelweiss has been launched all over the country. 

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