Vlad Plahotniuc visited his old school in Grozeşti village (Photo)

Pupils from the "Prometeu" Academic High School of Grozeşti village, Nisporeni district, had today a surprise visit from the Leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, who came to visit his old school and teachers and to assist to some classes.

As per tradition in Grozeşti, the guest was meat with bread and salt. Vlad Plahotniuc has immediately spotted his first teacher, having been taught 10 grades in this school before graduating.

Elizaveta Stroevici, an 88-year-old teacher has taught hundreds of pupils throughout her career. She remember fondly about Vlad Plahotniuc who, in her words, was smart and liked to learn. The politician came into the first grade, already knowing how to read.

"He was well-behaved, smart, liked to read and was a hard working pupil", Elizaveta Stroevici said.

Back then Elena Dobzeu was a young Romanian Language and Literature teacher. She remembers that Vlad Plahotniuc liked to read novels, always carrying his favorite ones around.

"He used to read during mathematics classes and yet whenever called forth, would manage to solve the problem, then go back to reading. Never loosing a minute" said the teacher.

It is no wonder that the Leader of the Democratic Party had graduated with top marks, after showing such thirst for knowledge. The politician claims that the credits should go to his father, who used to teach for decades History at this school.

"One of the main reason why I was behaved and organized, was due to his presence in the same building. It made me wish to do well in my studies" Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

The politician encouraged the pupils to study, while those in their last year had a boost in their resolve to have good marks. Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation „Edelweiss” is willing to fully pay the university's tuition fee for 10 best graduates from "Prometeu" Lyceum. 

"He has shown us much kindness. It's inspiring: to do well, to become someone and to never forget our roots" one of the pupils said.

Vlad Plahotniuc gifted the school's Computer Science classroom 20 brand new laptops and an interactive whiteboard.

The Politician had the chance to once again feel a pupil in the music classroom, where he had no problem in finding a desk mate.

While in the school's workshop, the Democratic Party's leader found the lathe he used to work with.

As per tradition, the politician's visit to his hometown ended with a photo-session. The school of Grozeşti village hosts 303 pupils.  

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