Vlad Plahotniuc visited Electricity Center no.2: Situation of company is improved, employees are happy with working conditions

Situation of company Termoelectrica is improved and its employees are happy with the working conditions. PDM President, Vlad Plahotniuc was convinced this in his visit to the Electric Power Plant no.2, which serves 70 percent of population in the Capital. 

Vlad Plahotniuc wanted to know them personally and to shake the hands of people who daily care for hot water and heating machines of Chisinau residents. 

Termoelectrica also supplies about 20% of the domestic electricity consumption annually in the national energy system.

Mihail Gutu has been working for Termoelectrica for more than 40 years. Although working 12 hours a day, he still likes his job. He's sad that young people are not attracted to this profession.

"The first block was put into operation in 1976, and I was employed after half a year. What I can tell you is the generations are changing, the requirements are different. New employees are coming, young people from the Technical University, good men, I hope they will replace us when the moment comes", said the chief of the Electricity Center with Heating District number 2, Mihail Guţu.

Vasile Ursu takes care of the good functioning of the plant. He is pleased that nowadays work is much easier and safer than in the past, and failures are quite rare.

"Now the pipelines are new. It's much secure to supply both heat and electricity", said Vasile Ursu, the operator of Electricity Center with District Heating.

The PDM leader highlighted the good financial activity of the company, especially, the company has made profit in the past years. 

"We know what to do next. We have a vision to develop Moldova's economy, how to raise salary, how to come with benefits and so on. We come with more projects. You are special, you decide your salaries. I see you made profit this year and we will talk with the director to raise your salaries as we raised wages of state employees", said Vlad Plahotniuc, the president of PDM.

Vlad Plahotniuc was accompanied by the candidate of the Democratic Party for the constituency 31, the Ciocana and Riscani sectors in the Capital. Chiril Gaburici stressed the importance of energy investments.

"We will continue to attract new investments. We know that we have several projects to change, adjust, renew and to benefit everyone. First of all, we should work efficiently, efficiency will certainly give us tariffs better for all our citizens, "said PDM candidate in the constituency 31, Chiril Gaburici.

Employees at the power plant had the opportunity to discuss with the Democratic Party leader about governance, but also about priorities for the coming years.

Termoelectrica has around two thousand employees, 500 employees of them are working at the No. 2 Electric Power Plant.

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