Vlad Plahotniuc urges IGSU to offer free smoke detector installation to families in need

President of PDMVlad Plahotniuc has announced during the party's weekly meeting that the statistics of people, even whole families, that died from asphyxiation, caused by faulty fireplaces used in winter for heating, are worrisome.

"At the chapter of safety, we spoke of the worrisome numbers statistics show of people, even whole families, who died from asphyxiation, after using a faulty fireplaces used to heat the building in winter. I requested all representatives of General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to come forward with solutions to combat this phenomenon, first phrase including free installation of smoke detectors for families in need, so that they can save their lives when the situation arises. At the same time, informational campaigns will be launched, informing citizens of those dangers and fire safety, to prevent such incidents from happening" Vlad Plahotniuc mentioned.

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