Vlad Plahotniuc: Through Edelweiss Foundation, we strive to help these families with newborns

Edelweiss team will greet newborn babies "Welcome to the world" after founder Vlad Plahotniuc announced the extension of the "New Life" Campaign.

In this context, Vlad Plahotniuc wrote on his Facebook how important is the birth of each child in our country.

"The birth of a child is a special moment for each family. That's why we strive, through the Edelweiss Foundation, to help these families, offering them first-time necessities for newborns", wrote Vlad Plahotniuc on his Facebook. 

Up to now, over 12,000 gift boxes for newborns have been distributed within the New Life Campaign of Vlad Plahotniuc Foundation Edelweiss.

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