Vlad Plahotniuc solicits for Ministry of Internal Affairs to analyze domestic violence cases and find solutions

President of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc requested Ministry of Internal Affairs to analyze all cases where women suffered from domestic violence and come up with solutions to this problem.

"We spoke today of the Ministry of Internal Affairs' activity, namely, the way cases of domestic violence are managed. The methods used to ensure that victims are offered the required conditions to feel safe and protected when reporting such abuse. I know from the experience of Edelweiss Foundation, where we launched a massive project to help victims of domestic violence, how important is to offer a place where victims can feel protected, especially during the first hours of those abuses. It was a big step when all inspectorates from districts created special rooms for minors, but it is also necessary to arrange such rooms for people who suffered from domestic violence. Ministry of Internal Affairs took upon itself to analyze the subject and come up with solutions, and depending on the situation form each region, we believe that solutions can be found to solve this problem" Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

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