Vlad Plahotniuc roughly replied to OSCE member after he offended Moldova and its citizens

Vlad Plahotniuc replied roughly to an OSCE representative who offended Republic of Moldova and its citizens.
Last week, Frattini paid a visit to Republic of Moldova and hold a lesson at the Diplomacy Academy. There, he discussed with his friend, Serghei Lavrov. The last one offered an interview for RT TV channel, that is founded by Kremlin.
Frattini said that there are more grave and serious problems that depend on the relationship between Republic of Moldova and Transnistrean region. Moldova's request regarding the Russian army on the territory of our country is one detached from the reality.

"These affirmations are detached from the reality. It is not fair to talk about the Russian army till we won't solve the problems that include other important moments", declared Franco Frattini, the OSCE representative to Transnistria.

Vlad Plahotniuc commented on this situation:

"We know he is interested in promoting some messages that would provide the OSCE to benefit of Russian financial support. But, we warn that such messages in Moscow's address could be more damaging in solving the Transnistrean problem.
Moreover, such reckless declarations can block our progresses in the current negotiations with our own forces. We registered a great development in our dialogue with Tiraspol and found a compromise on many subjects and we signed the required agreements.  
We faced such situations in the past, when only the ambition of international officials to mark a formal success in solving the conflict attempted to impose the signing of certain documents to the disadvantage of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.
But we do not understand why now, when we are making real progress for the first time in the last 15 years near both Nistru sides, our efforts and genuine progress in negotiations are thwarted by conjunctural and subversive statements by officials.
I want to remind everyone that we are a nation that faces a terrible tragedy 26 years ago. There was a war here... we lost a lot of humans. A lot of women remained widows and children orphan. This is why, any declaration that defies us as a nation makes us be cynical.  
We want to tell Mr.Frattini and other officials who are interested in this subject that for the Republic of Moldova  the withdrawal of the Russian soldiers from our territory will be a priority that we hope will be supported by international community and Russian Federation", declared Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM President.
Vlad Plahotniuc replied rough to Me.Frattini after he offered an interview to the propagandist TV channel, Russia Today and came with some offending declarations in the address of Republic of Moldova and its citizens. 
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