Vlad Plahotniuc: Retirees have already begun to receive Christmas help that I promised

Governance is helping people. It is demonstrated by the help that the elders receive in these days. It is about 600 lei, the money that will be added to about 550,000 pensioners.

With this statement came the leader of the Democratic PartyVlad Plahotniuc on a social network. He also stressed that "people's welfare is a priority for the DPM and the Government of the Republic of Moldova".

"The retirees already begun to receive Christmas support that I promised. The 600 lei will reach about 550,000 people in the next period".

It's the first time that a government comes with such an initiative and we want to do that year after year, starting from now.

We demonstrate once again that people's welfare is a priority for  and national government", wrote DPM President, Vlad Plahotniuc on a social network. 

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that people who have pensions of less than 2,000 lei have begun to raise their unique indemnities of 600 lei. First money came yesterday. These are the beneficiaries who receive the allowances on the card.

Today, the postal offices in the localities are going to be paid for the other retirees.

So tomorrow, the postmen will share the money. In total, over 550,000 citizens will benefit from unique financial aid.

The initiative came from the president of the Democratic Party of MoldovaVlad Plahotniuc, who aims to come every year with such holiday helpers.

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