Vlad Plahotniuc requests transparency on final interest rates within taking credit process

PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc requests transparency on the final interest rates within taking a credit process. The subject was discussed within the working session of PDM.

"The deputies from Democratic Party and the ones from the Economic and Judicial departments, the colleagues from the Finances Ministry will come with an initiative and modify the legislature, so people will know from the very beginning how much will the interest rate be. There will not be any hidden taxes", mentioned Vlad Plahotniuc.

According to the PDM leader, the citizens have the right to be informed correctly, thus they can decide if they want to take a credit or not:

"People are complaining that they see on the TV credits that have a 0% interest rate, or a very small one, but when they sign the contract, they pay big interests. Many times, even in the credit contract this thing is not clear, because the interest rate is written with extra small letters or it is hidden. I am sure that the banks receive such requests. The citizens should be informed correctly, so they can take the right decision according to a loan.

The subject according to the final interest was discussed within First House project.



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