Vlad Plahotniuc requested members of PDM to forsake speeches in favor of listening to the people

Vlad Plahotniuc requested members of PDM to forsake speeches in favor of listening to the people when they visit districts.

Therefore, within a press briefing, president of PDM has highlighted a new principle of PDM to work with people and namely: to listen to their problems, to answer any question they might have and suggest solutions to solve them.

"Today, along with my colleagues we took a decision, for our meeting with people from districts to be based on a principle, therefore, citizens will become directly implicated in priorities of the Government's agenda.

For this, our deputies, our representatives in institutions, will stand in front of citizens NOT to give speeches, but to listen, to answer to their questions and include their problems, as well as the solutions people suggested, in our agenda.

After all the issues and solutions will be collected, a team from the Party will analyze and then forward them to authorized institutions for them to be solved and implemented" Vlad Plahotniuc said.

The official has also encouraged people to use this chance and urged citizens to speak of the problems they face, so that PDM will come up with solutions to solve them.

"I urge citizens to use this occasion and present to our colleagues from Democratic Party of Moldova in districts, all the issues you encounter and present them solutions you believe to be fitting.

We are sure that us being closer to the citizens, will allow everyone to see the difference between a party that stands with the people, and other parties, who prefer to cause scandals on television and on Facebook" Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

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