Vlad Plahotniuc requested Government to increase food safety

The food safety is one of the main problems of the citizens and it should be treated more careful within the state departments. Within the weekly session of the PDM, the leader of the party, Vlad Plahotniuc asked the Government to make an actions plan to increase the security of the food sphere.
"Today, in the weekly session, we discussed about the security within the alimentary sphere, one of the most important problems of the citizens, that needs to be treated more careful by the state's departments. I have seen a lot of reports presented by ANSA in different institutions, that prove they try to change the situation, but, anyway, nothing changes. Beyond the statistics, we need to provide fresh and high quality products in all the markets from the country. Last days, you had the opportunity to see what encroachments within this sphere lead to. The time to intervene had came.
We asked the Government to make an actions plan that will target the food safety and the agencies to be more active and to offer the citizens the opportunity to stop the crisis situations and to solve the problem as soon as it appeared.
Besides, we will analyze the legislative sphere", declared Vlad Plahotniuc.


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