Vlad Plahotniuc: Real politicians care citizens'benefits, ignore opposition's brouhaha

Some political parties have already begun their electoral campaign, being disturbed by the fact that PDM is getting closer and solving citizens' problems. But, until the next election, people will understand the purpose of each formation. This was stated by Moldovan Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc, expressed in an interview with the newspaper Ziarul National. 

 "Some may have started the campaign prematurely, but if we talk about opposition parties, I think that's good for us, they show that they do not have serious issues and reveal their limited capacities.

"Until the elections, people will understand the game of each party. On the one hand, the PSRM is playing the failed referendums, on the other - the right-wing opposition has come to be criminals.

"Their leaders were left without political issues and became the bullhorns of individuals with serious convictions for extremely serious deeds.

"We're not concerned about election campaigns today and I'm not sure that there will be too much time for this before the elections.

"The obligation of the main governing party is not only to make promises but also to achieve results and solve out people's problems. However, someone calls you when you're caring people's issues as populism. Very well, call us populists, we are interested in what benefits people, not what the opposition talks about us, "said Vlad Plahotniuc, PDM leader.

PDM chairman also said that accusations by PAS leader Maia Sandu are only attempt to divert public attention from the problems resulted from reforms initiated in her mandate as Education Minister. 

"I understand what Maia Sandu did. It's just her attempt to divert the public's attention from a subject disturbing her, to hide the real situation resulted from her reforms of closing schools. After all, it's somewhat logical political tactic, she understands well the social chaos generated by the reforms implemented during her mandate. Regarding to accusations of usurpation, I find that some politicians again confuse our approaches on country's problems with usurpation stories. It's seriously mistaken thoughts", said Vlad Plahotniuc


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