Vlad Plahotniuc personally congratulates 73-year-old Judo champion Mihail Malear with victory

It is never to late to take the spot light.

73-year-old Mihail Malear has managed to win first place in the World Judo Championship Veterans, which took place in Italy. The man claims that his wish to share Moldova with the world has boosted him.

"I will fight as long as I walk this Earth. I will fight as long as I have a breath. When I'm taking the stage and Moldova's anthem starts playing and the flag is rising, my heart swells with pride" Mihail Malear said.

He is sponsored by  Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" foundation and has managed to bring home victory three times in the past few years. The organization's owner has personally congratulated the champion.

"I love helping people that represent Moldova. You are a great example to follow. You have also proven that age is just a number and you can achieve anything, as long as you fight for it"  Vlad Plahotniuc declared.

"I thank you from my heart for the support. Only because of your help I managed to win gold and prove that Moldova is strong and our people have character" the Judo champion added.

Soon Mihail Malear will head to Greece for another championship, where he also hopes to win: "I will not leave there without a medal. Despite many telling me to give it up and that I will not win, I will go and prove them wrong."

"Your age shows to all that it is too soon to retire, they can still stand and be active, regardless of the field" Vlad Plahotniuc stated.

Within seven year of its activity Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" helped 850 people.

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