Vlad Plahotniuc: PDM and PSRM are not allies. Those are ridiculous rumors meant to create chaos

In an interview for Ziarul NaționalVlad Plahotniuc declared that there are no ties between PSRM and PDM. Democrat leader has also mentioned that those rumors are irrelevant, as the parties have better things to do than to take notice of gossips.

"There is no political partnership between PDM and PSRM, regardless of what others seem to believe. At the level of institutions, there is talks among them, but as you can see they do not go well. It often leads to blockages than solutions.

Many wish for a war to break out between PDM and PSRM, especially between Plahotniuc and Dodon. Why would they wish such a thing? Because they want the country to be in chaos. They are afraid of the Government doing its job in peace and quite. That it is doing its duty before their external partners and results become obviously seen. For them a Government that is succeeding is a disaster. If it continues such way, the opposition will no longer matter by elections. For this reason, they need a scandal, people on the streets protesting, scandal, blockage of foreign financing. To do anything to stop Government's activity" Vlad Plahotniuc explained.

The official has also mentioned that for citizens, the most important thing is economic and political stability, while those rumors are meant to create a illusion of a crisis.

"They cannot fight the Government, therefore dirty methods must be used. For citizens, it is important to see a stable economy and politics, to see the Government doing its job and solve their issues, not be at war. This is the opposition's aim - to provoke us to start a war with Dodon and PSRM. For this reason, the start those ridiculous rumors that PDM works together with PSRM, to make us fight back, to make us prove that we are no allies, but opponents. PDM has better things to do than take part in this childish act. 

We have no intention of politically leading others behind us, not far-right parties, not far-left ones. We have out own agenda, which is filled with responsibilities taken from the real situation, not fiction" PDM's leader added. 

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