Vlad Plahotniuc: Moldova is a country with development prospects for foreign investors

The founder of the Business People Association, Vlad Plahotniuc, has assured the Monaco businesspeople the entrepreneurial environment in Moldova is developing at full swing, and has got skilled labor. Plahotniuc has also greeted the accords Moldova signed with Monaco.

"I want to greet the delegation of Monaco businessmen and I assure you you’ll find an attractive, beneficial and friendly entrepreneurial environment in Moldova. I am confident this event will contribute that comfortable relations emerge between the business communities from Monaco and Moldova.

Although we marked 25 years of Independence, it’s but recently that Moldova started to steer independently its destiny and started to look into future with more confidence. Moldova wants much more from its future. In 2014, we signed the Association Agreement with the EU and we count much on this partner, which has become our main economic and trade partner.

We are determined to develop Moldova in many other directions. This country, in conditions of political stability and correct mobilization of its potential, will record steady economic growth in the years to come.

All of us, the governmental team, the parliamentary team are involved in an ample reforming process conducting to the steady development of the country. It’s going to lead to less red tape, and strengthening the state agencies’ capacity to manage their sectors.

All these reforms have been already felt in the social and economic sectors.

We are looking for friends and partners. We can and we want to offer potential investors development and cooperation opportunities in Moldova. I trust Moldova’s prosperous future and I would be glad if this future is made with the contribution and investments of our Monaco guests," Vlad Plahotniuc stated, at the business forum.

The chair of the Monaco Economic Council, Michel Dotar, maintains the agreements signed today by the two countries will strengthen their joint vision on strengthening trade.

"The bases of the cooperation between our business communities have been laid today. The Moldovan business people may use Monaco as a gate towards the Mediterranean area and West Africa.

Also the Monaco businesses can benefit from your privileged relations with Russia, Romania and can use Moldova as a launching pad for our activities. I mean the cooperation in tourism, banking, corporate services, IT & Communication, international trade, food and textiles," said Michel Dotar.

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: Representatives of as many as 200 Moldovan companies and 16 Monaco companies have attended the economic forum.

The Monaco entrepreneurs work in the sectors of textiles, IT and banking.

The event has been staged by the Business People Association and MIEPO (Investment Attraction and Export Promotion Organization.)

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