Vlad Plahotniuc launches a sociological research about Government's reforms


Vlad Plahotniuc, leader of Democratic Party has announced that they will perform a sociological research, meant to analyse the citizens understanding of the Government's actions and reforms.


"I must remind you that the purpose of a reform is to improve the Government and the services it offers to its people. Therefore each Ministry is prioritizing reforms that can help the citizens. At the same time, we will organize a sociological research,  to see how well a citizen understand the Government's actions and reforms. We want to Government to meet the citizens expectations",  Vlad Plahotniuc stated.

 Check the new members of the Government and who remained:

1. Ministry of economy and infrastructure - Octavian Calmâc. 

2. Ministry of Finance - Octavian Armaşu. 

3. Ministry of Justice - Vladimir Cebotari. 

4. Ministry of External Affairs and European Integration - Andrei Galbur.

5. Ministry of Internal Affairs - Alexandru Jizdan. 

6. Ministry of Defense- deputy Minister Gheorghe Galbura. 

7. Ministry of Education, Culture and Research - Monica Babuc. 

8. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - Stela Grigoraş. 

9. Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment - Vasile Bâtca. 

At the same time, deputy minister Gheorghe Bălan, Governor from Gagauzia, Irina Vlah and headmaster of the Academy of Science of Moldova, Gheorghe Duca will recieve the title of member of the Government.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that is aiming for an administrative reform, including the optimization of number of ministries and legal entities, therefore reducing the costs.

The new law regarding the Government was adopted by the Parliament on 7th July 2017.

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