Vlad Plahotniuc has met with three winners of Edelweiss Foundation's scholarship

Leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, has met today with three of the pupils who were selected for Edelweiss Foundation's scholarship.

The high school seniors with top grades have tried to impress the leader of the Democratic Party with their passion and successes. Daniel-Nicolae Paraschiv, is an 18-year-old pupils at Orizont Lyceum from Chisinau. He has a passion for exact science, inherited from his grandfather. So far Paraschiv has managed to obtain impressive results in Olympiads.

"In 7th grade I won 3rd place on Nationals, in 8th grade I have managed to obtain 2nd place and finally, in 9th grade I had 1st place in Mathematics" Daniel-Nicolae Paraschiv said.

Ilinca Fiodorova is another winner, pupils from Gordinești village lyceum, Edineț district. She has a calling in literature. The young lady loves to write novels and short stories, therefore Vlad Plahotniuc has promised to help her publish a book.

"The 25 chapter novel, will be about the life of a girl, who has been through much. It will not be a positive character, nor a happy story. I wish to show that it is our society that creates monsters and our society is also the one to condemn them" Ilinca Fiodorov declared.

Olesea Panchiv has multiple passions and so far, no idea what he wishes to pursuit. But one thing he knows for sure, he will not leave Moldova.

"As I have interests in many subjects that are not connected to each other, such as mathematics, foreign languages and history, I fell as if I'm at a crossroad. I love my family, my country and am very attached to my home" Olesea Panchiv announced.

Leader of PDM has not let himself be easily convinced though, he had questioned Daniel about the Gauss theorem, who knew it like the back of his hand.

"-Have you read Omar Khayyam? -I am interested in literature, poetry is not my thing. - Why not? -It seems dull to me."

Vlad Plahotniuc has also advised them to be flexible, always listen to what others have to say and consider their opinions.

"You must never get annoyed when people will try to tell you something, but rater listen to them, otherwise you risk to miss out a lot. You have learned from books, where everything is precise and has to be followed in a certain order, but they cannot prepare you for the real world, as it is different for each of us" leader of PDM stated.

At the end, Vlad Plahotniuc has advised the pupils to visit institutions and get to know their field of interest better.

"We will tour together politic and economic institutions, so that you can see how it all truly works. Then, as you all have different interests, it will be best to separate you and invite you to different tours"  Vlad Plahotniuc added.

"As I am interested in economics, I wish to visit the National Bank of Moldova. Attend to some meetings and see how it all works" Daniel-Nicolae Paraschiv said.

Recently,  Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss" has chosen 100 pupils who will receive bursaries for the academic year 2017 - 2018. The teenagers will receive monthly 500 lei. In the past few days, they received the first amount and three of them have decided to celebrate it along with  Vlad Plahotniuc.

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