Vlad Plahotniuc: Good Roads for Moldova, the biggest infrastructure project that will reach every village

For the first time in Moldova was launched a national program "Good Roads for Moldova". Therefore, this year, around 1 200 km of roads will be build or renovated. The announcement was made by PDM president, Vlad Plahotniuc, who declared that roads will be build in every village, regardless of the local Mayor's political views.

"During the sitting, we analyzed the most efficient way to support the Government, so that this national project will have all the necessary finances to be realized. Our final aim is to offer Republic of Moldova a new potential to develop: good roads will allow villages to be modernized. We will make roads in every village, regardless of what political views the local Mayors have, because the Government is working for all citizens, regarding their political viewsVlad Plahotniuc announced.

Vlad Plahotniuc also stated that the project will be extended in all district in the following years:

"This year we plan to build roads in all villages, while next year, we plan to extend the project to highways. We invited at this weeks sitting, colleagues from the Government responsible for this field, to present the stage the project is at and discuss on politic support. I assure that PDM and the Governing coalition has the ability and determination to see this project through. Said project is more than a simple legislative initiative, it is a promise, that we, the governing party, made to citizens."

PDM leader mentioned that the project  "Good Roads for Moldova" is the biggest infrastructure project since the declaration of Independence, one that is complicated and requires much political input supporting the governing party.

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