Vlad Plahotniuc: Easter supports for pensioners earning up to 2000 lei

Retirees and other social categories with incomes of up to 2,000 lei will benefit from 600-lei Easter supports. The announcement was made by PDM chairman Vlad Plahotniuc at the working meeting of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

"Caring the pensioners is an important commitment to us. They have been ignored for years by the previous governments. We, the democratic governance, increased recently pensions by 10 percent and I want to clarify here, we will index again the pensions in April even when some politicians in the opposition are trying to lie to people it's untrue. It's a lie. Pensions will be indexed as planned. 

Moreover, we persist to offer holiday supports. In this meeting, we decided to offer a 600-lei supports for Easter holiday to pensioners and other social categories with income up to 2000 lei, "Vlad Plahotniuc said.

We remind that over 500,000 pensioners who have pensions of less than 2,000 lei have received unique allowances of 600 lei for the winter holidays.

At the same time, nearly 61,000 people receiving state social allowances. 

The initiative came from Moldovan Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc, who wants to propose yearly supports on holidays. 


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