Vlad Plahotniuc congratulates children on occasion of spring: They deserve to think of them as of the nicest snowdrops

PDM president Vlad Plahotniuc has congratulated the Moldovan children and citizens on the first day of spring with the Mărţişor’s holiday.

Mărţişor is traditionally celebrated by attaching white-red amulets on the chest.   

"May the first spring day be full of smiles, bring hope, joys and a better life, as well want here in Moldova," said Vlad Plahotniuc in a post on Facebook. 

The PDM leader has said the children from the socially vulnerable families, supported by Edelweiss, have already prepared the amulets heralding the beginning of the spring: "They deserve that we think of them as of the nicest snowdrops, we should help them peacefully enjoy all the seasons."

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