Vlad Plahotniuc broaches severe regulation of casinos and protection of minors from gambling

More and more Moldovan children are attracted by gambling machines. In order to combat this negative phenomenon, the first deputy president of the Democratic Party (PDM) Vlad Plahotniuc has proposed the ruling Coalition to seek solutions to severely regulate the work of casinos and gambling saloons and come up with legal amendments.

These saloons should be banned from areas where the minors have access to. The PDM first deputy president maintains he will personally attend to, and with the colleagues from the ruling Coalition they will make order in this field.

Vlad Plahotniuc has asked specialists to make a research in the matter, after the Edelweiss Foundation, he manages, learnt of the case of a family passing through hard time now. Their 15-year-old son took to the passion of gambling.

According to the law, the fines for the people allowing the access of minors to the gambling saloons is 2,400 lei and 9,000 lei for companies.


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