Vlad Plahotniuc at Nisporeni Christmas Fair: Together with people from my village I lived beautiful moments

The atmosphere of the story in Nisporeni, where a Christmas fair was inaugurated very fast. Here is not the holiday tree, the ice rink and children's slides, but also the traditional food and glintwein. The surprise came from the founder of the Edelweiss Foundation, Vlad Plahotniuc.

"The magical atmosphere of the most beautiful celebrations of the year is in the Christmas Fair of Nisporeni - a gift I made to the Nisporeni, at the request of all the children in the district where I was born. Together with my colleagues at the Edelweiss Foundation we wanted to make the dream to come true. "Last night, at the inauguration of the Fair, I lived beautiful moments with people from my village", wrote Vlad Plahotniuc, founder of the Edelweiss Foundation.

The Christmas town of Nisporeni will be open until the end of February, and access is free of charge.


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