Vlad Plahotniuc at AOAM forum: General cleaning in country

Businessmen from all over the country, but also guests from abroad have met today at a Business Forum. The event is organized by the Business Association of Moldova (AOAM) and aims to identify the best solutions for the economic development of the country.

Present at the opening ceremony, the President of the AOAM forum, Vlad Plahotniuc said that the business environment contributes to the development of the country and the economy. Also, Vlad Plahotniuc said he will do everything possible to make general cleaning in our country, so that businessmen can carry out activities in an environment that will contribute to the prosperity of the country.

"It is only the second master class, AOAM is able to adapt to the market demand, which is driven by increased interest in the company. I am glad this massive interest to business, as compared to competition in politics, it's a fine competition which develops new jobs, expands people's minds, developes the country and not vice versa. It is extremely important that the business world is not harassed by the control, customs, taxation. It's not normal for ordinary people to be punished. As a representative of ruling coalition, we will insist for the cleaning to be done, and what you see now is only the beginning" , said Vlad Plahotniuc.

The Businessmen Association Forum of Moldova is part of the education of young people and businessmen in our country.

The event will discuss topics on how to initiate and develop a business, how to properly manage human and financial resources in a company, but also about how to ensure the independence of business.

The forum will last two days and will be live on site PUBLIKA.MD.

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