Vlad Plahotniuc and Pavel Filip in Straseni: Moldovans to earn average salary of 13000 lei if PDM is elected

PDM President Vlad Plahotniuc visited Straseni on Thursday along with the party candidate on constituency no.20, Premier Pavel Filip.

The Democrats team visited several localities, met with hundreds of citizens to know their expectations and express their PDM priorities for the next four years.

Road repairs, construction of aqueducts and sewers, attraction of investments are some of priorities proposed by PDM candidate on constituency no.20, Pavel Filip.

30 kilometers of road was repaired in Straseni thanks to program Good Roads. 

Pavel Filip pledged that 70 kilometers of road will be repaired by the end of this year. 

"It's a unique project launched at PDM initiative which needs to be carried on because localities need good infrastructures to develop", pointed Premier. 

"Everything done in the country was passed from Government, with the help of government, with involvement, with dedication of candidate you have now. I don't boast to say that he's the best candidate. You realize that we place the best persons in government", said Vlad Plahotniuc, president of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

Democrats observed the streets in Straseni to ensure if they're ready to carry out new projects. 

Workers said thanks to increase of investment, they have jobs and earn higher salaries in Moldova. 

Chief of society Straseni roads says that the company has grown considerably thanks to the program Good Roads. Turnover increased threefold to 146 million lei in 2018. This enabled wage increase. 

"Average salary is now 8000 lei. Some employees earn ten or twelve thousands lei", said Vladimir Croitor, director of S.A. Străşeni Roads.

"In three years, the average salary in Moldova has increased by about 50% and this growth can continue. For this, we need to have political and social stability, support for private and state companies, new investment programs. PDM is the only party to ensure these conditions to develop Moldova. Our commitment is average salary of 13000 lei in the next four years if you trust to elect us", said Premier Pavel Filip in front of employees of company Straseni Roads. 

To attract investments is another priority of candidate Pavel Filip. He discussed with employees of a wine factory in Straseni. Although the company is small, its wine reaches couples of countries over the world.

"The more jobs we create, the higher competition it will be. Then companies will find ways to seek employees which means they will increase salaries", said Filip. 


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